Audition for the Chantilly Band



Click to view the 2017-18 Audition Information & Music Letter.

All auditions will be held in the band room and the surrounding area at Chantilly High School.  Auditions will be held on the following dates:

Rising 9th grade winds from Rocky Run: Tuesday, May 9
Rising 9th grade winds from Franklin: Wednesday, May 10
Rising 9th grade winds from Rachel Carson: Wednesday, May 10
Rising  10th-12th Grade Winds: Monday, May 8 – Wednesday, May 1o (per sign-up sheet in the band room)
Rising 10th-12th grade percussion: Tuesday, May 10
All Jazz Band Rhythm section*: Monday, May 9


We will ask to hear the following from ALL STUDENTS

  • 12 Major Scales -You can find information on how to play the major scales at: We will ask you all twelve scales. Play as many scales as you can.
  • Chromatic Scale -You can find information on the chromatic scale ranges at:
  • Sight Reading -you will sight read one or two varying examples.
  • Prepared Etude – Prepared Etudes will be posted here.
  • We will ask If you play a secondary instrument, we would also like to hear you perform on that instrument, especially if you play bass, guitar or piano (see jazz auditions below)
  • During your audition we will discuss the ensembles you would like to play in at CHS, including the Marching Band, Concert Bands, Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Bands, and Color Guard. Admission into ensembles is based on your audition and the auditions of 235 other band students.


Prepared Pieces
Mallet/Keyboard Instrument -Demonstrate Major Scales/Chromatic See the information above under “All Students”
Snare -All rudiments should be demonstrated as slow-fast-slow. Click on each rudiment to hear an example. Special thanks to Vic Firth Education for the links.
Flam Tap
5-stroke roll
9-stroke roll
Multiple Bounce Roll
Percussionists will also be asked to sight read. Percussionists do not need to bring instruments, but we ask that all percussionists bring their own sticks and mallets.

Jazz Band Audition -for Piano, Guitar, Bass and Drum Set:

You will need to demonstrate the following styles on your instrument:

  • Samba
  • Swing (fast and slow)
  • Jazz Waltz
  • Funk

You will also be asked to perform a prepared piece with a 32 measure improvised solo with a play-a-long track.  Information is below.

Please note that this audition is IN ADDITION to a concert band audition and is no guarantee of making the two ensembles.  If you only play guitar or bass guitar and do not make the jazz ensembles, you will not be able to register for a band class.  Also, both jazz bands are “co-curricular” meaning there is a marching band or fall varsity sport required for participation.



Auditions are Monday, May 8 from 6:30-7:30pm in the Chantilly band room.

All auditioning students should play the bracketed excerpts. Guitar, piano, and bass should feel free to stray from the written lines/chord voicings if they wish to use their own. However, they must follow the written chord progression.

Drummers – bring sticks Guitar, Bass Guitar – bring your instrument and a cable.  We will provide an amplifier Vibes – bring vibe mallets Piano – we will provide an instrument.

Drummers should also be prepared to play a short example of a funk groove, and a latin groove (bossa nova, salsa, etc…)

If students wish to solo, they may do so over the ‘open for solos’ section of the audition music.


Click to view the 2017 Jazz Rhythm Section Audition Music.


Courses that have a marching band co-curricular requirement: (participation in marching band or a fall varsity sport is mandatory if you are accepted into any of these ensembles)
Symphonic Winds, Chantilly Jazz, Workshop Jazz

Courses that do not have a marching band co-curricular requirement: (participation in marching band is not required, however you are more than welcome to participate
Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble