The Chantilly Color Guard

The Chantilly High School Color Guard is one of the most visible and important parts of our music program.  Color guard is a competitive dance theater using props along with dance as a visual expression of the music performed by either a marching band or a recording.  Color guard is both an athletic competition and a form of art that mixes modern dance and ballet with props traditionally including flags, rifles and sabres.

2015 Indoor Color Guard Show – “Open Your Eyes”

The Chantilly Color Guard competes with the Mighty Marching Chargers from August through November, using equipment and choreography to enhance the visual effect of the marching band show.

From December through April, the color guard competes in the Atlantic Indoor Association (AIA) and Winter Guard International (WGI).  During this time of year, shows are performed indoors to recorded music, usually in a gymnasium or indoor arena.  The winter guard unit performs using dance, acrobatic features and props including flags, rifles and sabres.  Guard members toss, spin and do much more with their equipment, which can change throughout the show.

During the Winter Guard season, the Indoor Color Guard currently has two units that compete.  Our Purple Guard competes in the Scholastic Regional A2 Class in AIA, while our Charger Guard competes in Scholastic A Class in both AIA and WGI.  Each color guard member’s performance is assessed and evaluated by the staff to determine placement in the Winter Guard.

2016 Purple Guard Competitions (AIA Color Guard Scholastic Regional A2):

John Champe High School – 9th Place

South County High School – 6th Place

AIA Championships – 12th Place

2016 Charger Guard Competitons (AIA Color Guard Scholastic A):

Mount Vernon High School – 1st Place

South County High School – 1st Place

AIA Championships – 2nd Place

2016 Charger Guard Competitons (WGI Color Guard Scholastic A):

Pittsburgh Regional – Finalist


If you are interested in becoming part of the guard, please attend the training/tryouts that occur prior to the fall or winter seasons.  Our tryouts for fall color guard typically occur in May or June of the previous school year and our tryouts for winter guard typically occur in November.

For more information about the Color Guard at Chantilly High School, contact the following:

Doug Maloney – Band Director
Christopher Riechers – Band Director