Student Leadership

The 2011 Mighty Marching Chargers Drum Majors

William Morgan-Palmer

Rachel Carle

Rachel Dunning







Chantilly MMC Leadership 2011

First Last Instrument Leadership Position
William Morgan-Palmer Drum Major Drum Major
Rachel Carle Drum Major Drum Major
Rachel Dunning Drum Major Drum Major
Andrea Hsu Flute Section Leader
Victoria Palmer Flute Section Leader
Jessica Song Flute Drill Instructor
Jessica Hiemstra Clarinet Section Leader
Ziwei Li Clarinet Section Leader
Andrew Schuberg Clarinet Drill Instructor
Kevin Barboza Alto Saxophone Section Leader
Patrick Arnold Alto Saxophone Drill Instructor
Gaurav Kale Tenor Saxophone Section Leader
Anney Johnson Tenor Saxophone Drill Instructor
Megan Boyd Trumpet Section Leader
James Reed Trumpet Section Leader
Matt Calvert Trumpet Drill Instructor
Lizzy Knippler Mellophone Section Leader
Allyson Pak Mellophone Section Leader
Chris Benoit Mellophone Drill Instructor
Hannah Watts Mellophone Drill Instructor
Dustin Smith Baritone Section Leader
Gabe Luebbe Baritone Drill Instructor
Kaylie Arntson Sousaphone Section Leader
David Bevins Sousaphone Section Leader
Derek Roach Battery Captain
Katrina Roberts Front Ensemble Captain
Beth Ikeda Color Guard Captain
Amber Smith Color Guard Captain
Sophia Pishvaian Color Guard Co-Captain
Allison Kekoker Color Guard Co-Captain


Brass and Woodwind Section Leaders and Drill Instructors report for camp on

Tuesday, August 9th at 8 AM